Spring is here, though Winter may have her last blast.

Frantic rush to get a paper proposal into SMR.  The idea being a Special Issue on Edith Penrose’s work and influence.  I point to commonalities with Coase – all under the Knight umbrella.  Fritz Machlup, her thesis adviser, took part in Knight’s dispute with ‘the Austrians’ over ‘capital’ – which led to Knight asserting the distinction between resources and services.

Zanner cocooned ashore. Draft of my new Knight/Commons/Coase paper completed!  Way too long to publish, but I shall be able to mine it and its supporting materials for several papers and a book. It proposes an institutional approach to economics and theorizing ‘the firm’. Goes back to the Methodenstreit.

New Calls for Papers1Journal of Knowledge Management Special Issue and  2AMLE Call on History of Business Schools

Academic Activities. I came into management education in 1971 after Naval service and managerial work in several industries. I wanted to understand this experience. It proved more difficult – and more interesting – than I imagined. Ever since I have been working on a theory of the firm that has a central place for the managerial/entrepreneurial imagination. I have only recently understood how this brings strategy, entrepreneurship, ethics, and leadership together into a single inquiry.

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