Urged by SLR enthusiasts Andy Downes and Machiel Kalf  I have been re-assembling bits of my motor-racing history. I have a new web page – Cars (menu above). It has turned out to be a fascinating little project – for others have also written about what went on, showing how limited and fallible is my memory of what I was up to almost 60 years ago.

Fortunately some photographs exist (and do not lie?) The header shows my first win – in the Sebring Sprite 777EBH – at Oulton Park in the UK August 1959.  The car is now fully restored and on the classic car circuit in the US.  The SLRs are likewise visible in Europe.

New appointment at the Rutgers Institute of Ethical Leadership

New Calls for Papers1Journal of Knowledge Management Special Issue and  2AMLE Call on History of Business Schools

Academic Activities. I came into management education in 1971 after Naval service and managerial work in several industries. I wanted to understand this experience. It proved more difficult – and more interesting – than I imagined. Ever since I have been working on a theory of the firm that has a central place for the managerial/entrepreneurial imagination. I have only recently understood how this brings strategy, entrepreneurship, ethics, and leadership together into a single inquiry.

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